New publication in Nature using FireCCI51

Wilfires: Australia needs a national monitoring agency

This comment in Nature, published on August 2020, uses the FireCCI51 product to illustrate the anomalous fire season of 2019/2020 in Australia, especially in the Eucalyptus Forests ecosystems.

FireCCI51 burned area added to the official catalogue of Google Earth Engine

We are glad to announce that the FireCCI51 burned area pixel product, based on MODIS reflectance at 250 m resolution, has been added as an official product in the Google Earth Engine catalogue. Users can find the data at

Extension of the FireCCI51 product to 2019

During the last months the FireCCI51 product has been processed for 2019, and it has now been released.

This extends the dataset to cover the period 2001 to 2019, making it the longest available global burned area product at 250m spatial resolution. You can download the FireCCI51 data from

Temporal Anomalies in Burned Area Trends: Satellite Estimations of the Amazonian 2019 Fire Crisis

Remote Sensing has recently published a scientific letter comparing the fire occurrence estimations informed by the press (based on active fire information) and the burned area detected by the FireCCI51 algorithm during the Amazonian 2019 fire crisis.