As part of the Fire_cci project, a new line of research has been launched focused on extending the burned area temporal series to the 80' using the information of the AVHRR-LTDR archive. In order to generate the best possible product, we will need your feedback to know the characteristics of the product that would be most useful for future users.

We invite you to complete a short survey (it should take no more than 5 minutes), to...

12 Dec 16

The new version of the MERIS Burned Area products has been released.

Version 4.1 includes some improvements with respect to version 3.1, such as:

  • The time series of the product was expanded, and now covers the period 2005-2011.
  • The new version of the algorithm includes pixels that are burned twice in the same year, as it tackles monthly...
20 Jul 16

The new Fire_cci newsletter, to be presented at the ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016, in Prague, is here.

09 May 16

A new article detailing the methods and results of the global burned area (BA) product developed by the Fire_cci Team has been published in Global Ecology and Biogreography in March 2016. 

The article, entitled "A new global burned area product for climate assessment of fire impacts", presents the methods for generating the global BA product, along...

31 Mar 16

Why is information on burned areas needed?

It is estimated, that about 25%-35% of Greenhouse gases (GHG) are resulting from biomass burning and therefore they are considered an important factor in climate change (GTOS 68, T13 Fire Disturbance).


Aims of the Fire_cci project

Current global...

28 Jan 16