Test products: small fire database

20. February 2017 - 13:28
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As part of the Fire_cci Phase 2, several algorithms are being tested in different parts of the world, involving the use of medium to high resolution satellite images, includint Sentinel 1, Sentinel 2 and Proba-V.


The following burned area test product are being produced, for the years 2016:

- Africa based on Sentinel 2 data.

- Africa based on Sentinel 1 data, to complement the cloudy regions of the Sentinel 2 images.

- Test sites of Africa based on Proba-V 100 m.

- Test sites of Indonesia based on Sentinel 1, and emission calculation (2015-2016).

- Test sites of South America based on Sentinel 1 (2017).

Different Sentinel 1 algorithms are being used for each continent, and a comparison of these algorithms will be performed within the project.