Stratification and sample allocation for reference burned area data

The Fire_cci team has published a new article in Remote Sensing of Environment (DOI 10.1016/j.rse.2017.06.041).

New version of the Fire_cci Burned Area product released

The new version of the MERIS Burned Area products has been released.

Version 4.1 includes some improvements with respect to version 3.1, such as:

New publication of Fire_cci on Global Ecology and Biogeography

A new article detailing the methods and results of the global burned area (BA) product developed by the Fire_cci Team has been published in Global Ecology and Biogreography in March 2016. 

The article, entitled "A new global burned area product for climate assessment of fire impacts", presents the methods for generating the global BA product, along with a comparison with other existing BA products in terms of BA extension, fire size and shapes and emissions derived from biomass burnings.