The Round-Robin Exercise of the Fire CCI Project has now officially begun

The Round-Robin exercise of the fire_cci project has officially kicked off on 1st November 2011 and will last three months. The objective of the Round-Robin (R-R) Exercise is to compare the burned area (BA) products using different external algorithms and identifying the one showing the best performance (internal and external). To evaluate the performance of as many BA algorithms as possible the exercise will be oriented to facilitate and encourage the participation of as many external researchers and institutions as possible.

Introducing the Round-Robin Exercise to International Fire Research Communities

The introduction of the Fire CCI Round-Robin Exercise was given on 17 - 18 October 2011 in Stresa, Italy, in combination with the GOFC-GOLD Fire IT Meeting and followed by the 8th EARSeL Forest Fire Special Interest Group. The Fire CCI Round-Robin Workshop aimed at presenting the current ESA CCI Fire Disturbance project status and promoting the participation of external and independent fire experts on the inter-comparison of Burned Area detection algorithms.

Comprehensive Project Documentation - Activities, Achievements and Outcomes from the First Fire CCI Project Year

What type of information is needed by the scientific and research climate, atmospheric and ecosystem modeller communities in relation to burned areas? Identifying and analysing those communities needs was one of the first major task that has been conducted during the first year of the Fire CCI project.

The Round-Robin Exercise - Including International Expertise and Strengthening Global Cooperation

Facing climate change means facing an unprecedented challenge that requires global cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, joint efforts are needed in order to improve the understanding of climate change and its interactions between earth systems in order to mitigate the impacts on economic and social disruptions.

Facilitating Data Access and Sharing Information - ECV Product Data Standards

The CCI ECV final output products will be made available for public and will serve a wide range of scientific and research communities. Subject and content of each ECV project varies but works towards the same goal - to establish a long-term and consistent product data base for supporting UNFCCC needs, the demand of systematic global observations and the set up of data archives.