User Groups

Users for the Fire_cci products are identified in the Statement of Work of this Project. Basically these are the wider Climate Research Community. This group is understood as the drivers in the CCI and therefore play the single most important role. The users are considered in the project not only in the engaged climate modellers within the project team. They are also consulted via a structured dialogue with the Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG) - see below. Other external users are also invited to assess and evaluate the Fire_cci algorithms and products via collaboration with our Climate Research Group. The Users can be grouped in:

Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG)

The Climate Modelling User Group (CMUG) consists of notable European institutions representing an interface of the CCI Programme and the wider Climate Research Community. The CMUG is intended as a structured forum allowing for discussion and inter-comparison of assessment methods, agreement on best practices and common standards, and multi-disciplinary assessments of the consistency, error characteristics and impacts of the global data products generated by CCI. CMUG allows for an integrated analysis of all ECVs being addressed in the CCI Programme.

Climate Research Community

One focus of this project is the involvement of the end users of the burned area products that are generated. To reach this objective not only the project internal climate modellers and the Climate Modelling User Group will participate. Also other interested climate modellers are invited to provide their input in the requirements analysis, in round-robin actions and the data validation. The wider climate research community includes the Climate Modelling User Group and the institutions engaged in the project team as partners.

Other Users

In addition to climate-modelling researchers, other scientists can also benefit from the Fire Disturbance product generated in this project.