The Round-Robin Exercise - Including International Expertise and Strengthening Global Cooperation

Facing climate change means facing an unprecedented challenge that requires global cooperation and collaboration. Therefore, joint efforts are needed in order to improve the understanding of climate change and its interactions between earth systems in order to mitigate the impacts on economic and social disruptions.

In the frame of the ESA Climate Change Initiative, one of the ECV Fire Disturbance project activities focuses on comparing existing and new developed algorithms for the detection of burned areas and performing an assessment on their suitability and performance. These tasks will be embedded and realised in a Round-Robin Exercise, which will take place in October, 17-18th, 2011, in Stresa, Italy. International scientists and experts in the field of burned area algorithm developement are strongly encouraged to participate in the Round-Robin Exercise in order to bundle and complement local and regional know-how and international expertise.

The Round-Robin Exercise will be realised in the frame of a technical workshop on Global Burned Area algorithms, introducing the ECV Fire Disturbance project goals and presenting the preliminary project findings. A GOFC-GOLD Fire Implementation meeting and the EARSeL Special Interest Group on Forest Fires biannual conference will follow on October, 18 - 21st, 2011. More information is available here.