Introducing the Round-Robin Exercise to International Fire Research Communities

The introduction of the Fire CCI Round-Robin Exercise was given on 17 - 18 October 2011 in Stresa, Italy, in combination with the GOFC-GOLD Fire IT Meeting and followed by the 8th EARSeL Forest Fire Special Interest Group. The Fire CCI Round-Robin Workshop aimed at presenting the current ESA CCI Fire Disturbance project status and promoting the participation of external and independent fire experts on the inter-comparison of Burned Area detection algorithms. Within the frame of a large audience of international scientists, researchers and fire experts several topics were intensively discussed and many comments and suggestions were appreciated and will be incorporated into the current approach.

The presentations provided on 17 and 18 October are

  1. The Round-Robin Workshop objectives
  2. The current status and product review of Global Burned Area Algorithms
  3. The Global Fire Emissions Database and MCD64 update (with an excursus on Global Burned Area Validation Issues)
  4. The Essential Climate Variable Fire Disturbance in the scope of the ESA CCI programme
  5. The Framework of the Round-Robin Exercise
  6. The Review of Burned Area Algorithms for SPOT-VGT and ATSR data
  7. The Review of Burned Area Algorithms for MERIS data
  8. The Review of Merging Algorithms for Burned Area sensor-derived products
  9. The Protocols for generating and accessing reference data
  10. The Web Tool for the Round-Robin Exercise
  11. The Validation and Inter-comparison metrics for the Round-Robin Exercise
  12. The Conditions on the participation on the Round-Robin Exercise

The official start of the Round-Robin Exercise will be at the beginning of November 2011. For further information please contact or .