The Fire_cci Climate Research Group is organizing a half-day user workshop as part of the 4th FireMIP workshop that will take place on 17-19 October at IMK-IFU, Garmish-Partenkirchen, Germany.


18 Sep 17

A new article by the Fire_cci team has been published in Global Change Biology (DOI 10.1111/gcb.13841)

Fires raged once again across Indonesia in the latter half of 2015, creating a state of emergency due to poisonous smoke and haze across Southeast Asia as well as incurring great financial costs to the...

01 Sep 17

The Fire_cci team has published a new article in Remote Sensing of Environment (DOI 10.1016/j.rse.2017.06.041).

Statistical estimation protocols are one of the key means to ensure that independent and objective information on product accuracy is communicated to end-users. Methods for...

08 Jul 17

A new article by the Fire_cci team has been published in Remote Sensing (doi:10.3390/rs9010007).

Global burned area (BA) datasets from satellite Earth observations provide information for carbon emission and for Dynamic Global Vegetation Model (DGVM) benchmarking. Fire patch identification from pixel-level information recently emerged as an additional way of providing informative...

25 Dec 16

The new version of the MERIS Burned Area products has been released.

Version 4.1 includes some improvements with respect to version 3.1, such as:

  • The time series of the product was expanded, and now covers the period 2005-2011.
  • The new version of the algorithm includes pixels that are burned twice in the same year, as it tackles monthly...
20 Jul 16